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Portland Strike

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What are we fighting for?

Youth demands to City of Portland

Establish a Climate Test.

Every decision made by the city of Portland and its departments must take into account the health of the planet and choose what will most benefit the earth.

We need a bolder, stronger Climate Emergency

Formally declare a climate emergency with meaningful youth and frontline community involvement.

Fund YouthPass

We demand the city to work in collaboration and engage youth to fight for fare affordability for youth under 18 years old on a non-school year basis and that it goes beyond free and reduced lunch.

Stop Zenith

Deny any and all permits for this disastrous tar sands oil terminal.

Unless these demands are met, Stay home Mayor Wheeler!

Don’t go to Copenhagen for the C40 Mayor Summit in October as a 'climate champion mayor' if these truly bold actions aren't taken.

Take Action!

volunteer for the strike and donate!


Oregon Green New Deal

How can and should the transformative and exciting Green New Deal be implemented in Oregon? The Oregon Just Transition Alliance* has an exciting vision: The Oregon Green New Deal!

“We’ve got 12 years to take meaningful climate actions to mitigate the effects of climate change and protect vulnerable communities. A just transition to a renewable future means:

  • Phase Out Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
  • Strong Regulation for Healthy, Breathable Air
  • Clean, Community-Controlled, 100% Renewable Energy
  • Regenerative, Sustainable Farms and Forests
  • Transportation Justice
  • Protect Communities Already Experiencing a Changing Climate
  • Fund the Just Transition”

Read more about each of the 7 pillars of this bold vision, and see who endorses it already by visiting: orjta.org/campaigns/ognd/

*The Oregon Just Transition Alliance is a movement of communities facing environmental racism, climate change, and economic exploitation – the frontlines of injustice and the frontlines of change. We bring together organizations committed to base-building in frontline communities. We gather to create ownership over our collective future and move Oregon toward an economy that is rooted in our shared values, the principles of a Just Transition.

Stop Jordan Cove!

For 15 years, Oregonians have been fighting different forms of a proposal to build a massive fracked gas pipeline and export terminal in Southern Oregon.

This 229 mile pipeline and fracked gas export project would trample the rights of landowners through use of eminent domain, disturb tribal territories and burial grounds, threaten 400 waterways, put existing jobs in fishing, tourism, and other sectors at risk, drive up energy prices, and create a major new source of climate pollution.

The campaign to stop the proposed Pacific Connector fracked gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG export Terminal in southern Oregon is comprised of landowners, businesses, climate and conservation groups, native tribes, and concerned residents working together to protect our home from fossil fuel exports and create clean energy jobs instead.

Take Action Right Now

Submit a comment to the State of Oregon!Learn more from the statewide coalition working to stop this project.Download Climate Week Postcards

Stop Zenith!

Zenith must be stopped. No tar sands here or anywhere.

Get involved! Show up to cheer on local activists as they present thousands and thousands of Stop Zenith petition signatures to the Mayor and City Commissioners!

Stop Zenith Oil -- Petition Delivery to City Hall!

Wednesday, September 18th. 9:30 AM

Portland City Hall. (1221 SW 4th Ave)

Please wear RED.

Facebook event here.

Learn more and get involved: https://stoptarsandspdx.weebly.com/

Tar sands crude oil is known as the most polluting form of energy on the entire planet. Right now, the Houston-based company Zenith Energy is expanding an oil terminal in Northwest Portland in order to increase the import and processing of Canadian tar sands crude oil. We’re seeing quadruple the amount of oil “bomb” trains traveling through the Portland-Metro region, delivering this tar sands crude oil and endangering our communities.

The extraction of tar sands is exceptionally filthy process. Devastating an area in northern Alberta the size of the state of Florida, the Alberta tar sands extraction has been called the largest and most destructive industrial project in human history, producing a multitude of disastrous effects including the poisoning of the region's water, land and air.

Transporting oil by rail amplifies the potential of calamitous explosions such as the one that occurred near Lac-Mégantic, Quebec in 2013, resulting in the loss of 47 lives. Closer to home in June, 2016 a train carrying Bakken Crude derailed and caught fire near Mosier, Oregon releasing toxic fumes, flames and smoke, threatening the community of Mosier and the precious Columbia River and Gorge.








week of action

The week kicks off with the massive Sept 20th Global Climate Strike, followed by a week of actions, trainings, events, orientations, art builds, and more.

FridaySept. 20th